Website for Churches

Glad that you are ready to create an online home for your church. Great! Now the question is what are the best church website builders that are available.

There are two ways of doing it. You can either start with a pre-made church template or take that freedom to build it however you like.

There is a lot to think on what should go on to a church website. Luckily, I've compiled the list of features or options that you can have

  1. Brief information about the church and the pastor

  2. Mission and Vision statements along with what doctrine you believe in

  3. Ministries that your church is involved in

  4. A place to list events

  5. Your address along with map

Why Freedom Web to build your church website?

FreedomWeb builds websites fastly and professionally.

FREE Website Builder

Freedom Web uses Google Sites to build websites. So, there is NO CMS or theme cost.

FREE Hosting

Freedom Web uses Google Sites to build websites. So, there is NO hosting cost. You can use up to 15GB of hosting space that is provided by Google Drive. If you consume additional space, you buy extra space from Google directly.

FREE Event Calendar with Registrations

Freedom Web recommends using ChMeetings for listing your events. ChMeetings is a most-recommended, user friendly and affordable Church Management Software. We can help you hook up with them and setup your account.

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